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Overriding background of a symbol

Hey there,

I was wondering if there is a possibility in the webflow-designer to override the background of any symbols element? For example using a color on a button shape via “background” > creating a component > placing an instance somewhere else in the project > changing just the color for this specific instance.

Shouldn’t that be possible? How am I able to do this?

Thanks in advance for all your support :wink:

Hi @Zehigel

Unfortunatley not… yet. Style overrides is the feature that you’ve described and this is part of our roadmap for symbols. There are some possibilities by wrapping the symbol in a parent element, and giving that the color required, or passing in styles which only affect that page is another way (as symbols will still inherit parent styles on an individual page), but they’re less than ideal ways.

Hey Mark!

Thanks for the fast reply. That’s sad. Is there a link to have a look on your roadmap?
I would be glad to stay on track for the upcoming features.

Thank you so much.