Lang attribute doesn't update to other language

I have a problem regarding the new localization feature. When I switch from the default (en) language to another language (f.e. de) the html lang attribute doesn’t change accordingly. Annyone knows wthat the problem could be? I Have cms siteplan with advanced localization

We have the same issue. We have three languages (English, Finnish, and Swedish). Even though you change the language to something else, the “lang”- attribute stays in the Primary language…

Do you have your primary locale specified in here, under general settings? The lang attribute works on my site for norwegian primary and English locale, though I didnt test if it did before removing our primary locale from this setting.

Yes, that was it! So stupid but the preferences are not cleared once you add locales. I think webflow should point out about this

Nice! Yeah, easy to forget that this option exists in here :stuck_out_tongue: