Change NavLink Color for "Current" Section/Page

What is the easiest way to adjust the Navigation Link Text Color, to match the current Section, or Page?

  • I believe matching to the Section is a secondary selector called “Current”, which I cant quite figure out how to do. Any help is appreciated!

  • I assume adjusting for the Page itself would just need to be changed manually for each page though, unless there is another way?


  • Studio2B


The change on scroll of current nav link made by Webflow js.

“The easiest way” - example:


To general Q. Please add more details.

Thank you for the answer to the Section part of it… As for the Page part of it, I just wanted to do the same thing based on the Page it’s on, rather than the Section it’s on… But again, I’m assuming I would just need to change the styling of the Navlink manually for each page, unless there’s a better or easier way.

For page (Base on relative URL). Set for example the url to about page. Go to about page --> select about label and style current.

So I would just simply create a secondary selector and name it “Current”, while linked to, and it will automatically work?

No. Webflow add ‘current’ for active link. So again select active link.