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[RESOLVED] Fix Menu Current Selection on Single Page Design

How do you change the “Current Color” of a Link
when you jump within the same page to another ID ?

Link 1 jumps to ID One, Link 2 jumps to ID Two… etc.

I need to change the background / foreground color of the links.

“Current” works for the “Current Page”… Not for the “Current ID”.

Fastest way to do this now is to create a temporary div with the same class name but with no link, make your adjustments and then delete it…

I’ll try to explain a different way.

How do I change the ACTIVE state of a link.

If I have 4 links that take you to 4 different sections…

section 1’s ID should change the active state of link 1.

section 2’s ID should change the active state of link 2.


@Revolution can you post screenshots and your read-only link?

If the links all have the same styling for the “current” class, then you’ll just need to change the one with “current” selected. If you’re talking about having different styling for each link, then you’d need to create separate classes for each link, like “Nav Link 1”, “Nav Link 2”, etc.

probably better to show something that works. Scroll and watch the left menu.

Notice the options highlights as the id changes.

Easy to do in html / css… am I just having a brain fart or something ?

anyone ?

doesn’t anyone know how to make a link active for an ID… not for a page ?

active cannot be set for an ID.

This is easy to do in html / css… how do you do it in webflow ?


ignore. I figured it out.

I had an extra non needed class hiding in the background.

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