Changing colour for selected nav bar link

Hi community, I’ve read another one of these topics but I just can’t solve it for my own situation. I’ve added this nav bar and can’t for the life of me work out how to select the colour once it’s selected.

I thought it would be under pressed-mode but that’s not it. any ideas?

(Webflow - One Community Church)


Hey Stefan!

Just to make sure: you’re wanting to change the color of the nav link of the page that you’re currently on? If you click on the link to the page that you’re currently on, it should automatically select the “Current” state for you. Like this:

Whereas if you select a link to another page, such as the Home link, it will just allow you edit the “Navigation Link 2” class as a whole. Like this:

Please let me know if you’re referring to something different. I would be happy to assist further.


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Perfect! thanks- They key being I’d always tried to do it from my home page which wasn’t listed in the navigation. Cheers.