Change Link color inside Rich Text element

I am trying to change the colour of a blog post link inside a Rich Text element. I need to remove this bright blue colour from the blog posts and change it to dark grey #222.

Tried following:

Select Rich text
Unlink automatic CMS content from the rich text
Changed Text Link color to grey
Published site
But hyperlink colors not changing

Example screenshot

Read only Link

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
(how to share your site Read-Only link)

Hi Dibeesh,
I’m not seeing any color applied to your link.

Unbind your RTE as before, select your link, and then set the style selector to All Links Nested within your blogContents RTE.

Then set the color to whatever you want. Should work.

Thank you so much. It worked after selecting all links.

What happens when the text link is not a line item like this example? I have a text block. So normal text but one line is a hyperlink. But I can’t change the text colour.

You can assign a class to the link itself, by selecting it, or else it will just inherit the link color from All Links.

Can you share a step by step guide or video

You’ll find tons of them in Webflow’s University.

Yes, unfortunately tons that doesn’t relate to the specific question. I haven’t found anything cover rich text blocks with inline text. It currently inherits universal link settings. I’m also finding it applies any links I add to all page templates. If you do know of something please share. It seems like this is a common issue.

I’m not sure what you’re looking for, and it takes me the same time to search for the lessons, so… very hit and miss.

If you’re looking to style links in plain text, just search for the courses on styling and learn how All Links and styling with classes works.

If you’re looking to style links in rich text, there are further guides covering the rich text block, how to isolate styles within an RTB, and CMS content as well.

If you’re feeling really stuck, I do mentoring and can do videos and such for you, Drop me a line if you need that but my schedule is rather full atm.