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Setting dynamic link color in rich text field

Hi there,

I’m looking to set the text link colour on each blog post based on a unique hex value specified in that post.

This doesn’t appear achievable, as far as I can see. Seems I can only set a global link color and apply that to rich text fields once the same class name is specified. Can this be confirmed?



If I understood you right the following tutorial should help you.

You can add a color field in your collection form.

In your Design you can get this color for your text-link in the settings panel.

With this color field you can give every blogpost a unique link-color.

Did I understand you right?


So I need to have the text links in a collection post’s rich text field pick up that post-specific hex colour.

It doesn’t appear that there’s a way of doing this, unless I’m mistaken.


Ok - Just to be clear: You want to paste a article (done in word or anything else) with links in it in the rich text field. And in this rich text field the links should get a specific color without any manual editing. Did I understand you right now?

Sorry, but sometimes it hard to understand the special problem. :wink: Maybe you can give us the share link of the website and the specific element and position to get more input. Or some screenshots.


Correct! This rich text field should inherit the blog-post-specific hex value specified within the collection field.


Ok. In this case I can’t help you out.

You could change the overall text link color, but I think this is not what you are looking for. Sorry! Maybe some other readers can help you.

Bye and I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

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