Change from a Ecommerce to normal website?

@webdev thanks for your answer, for me the fastest way was to create a new project, setup the body and copy each section inside. If you’ve animations inside, copy first the content section, than the animation sections. (Depends on your design and workflow), otherwise the animations wont work correctly!

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Website fully built, giving customers training in the editor and they’re like ohh! we’ve got eCommerce now…?! C’mon Webflow, how can we turn this off?

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Once ecommerce is turned on it cannot be turned off but you can still use the website without.

that’s really ideal…!

Ye I think is too hard to make a website from 0 :blush: this is my opinion. I don’t have time for a personal website so I found this online marketplace cs-cart and I really like it, you can save a lot of time with this. I wanted to just to sell my products everywhere, so with this online marketplace made my life easier without any problems. If you want you can try it for free and start your company faster and easier without other expenses.

@James35w contact support, they should be able to make the switch for you

hey hoe web flow
make this eCommerce page go
away forever please. no?

Come on Webflow your ecommerce is a disaster!


Just upvote this Disable/Remove Ecommerce Functionality | Webflow Wishlist to get this feature done


Still not available???


Webflow sucks when it comes to building the basic feature like this… I mean dude this thing is pending for the last 2 years and you are still not developing it.


Any indication of this being fixed/available?

@andzayn - Not that I am aware of.

webflow is great but not for ecommerce

Having these pages unused is hurting the score I get on various site audits. I only added ecommerce to see if it were work for us and it will not. Is there a timeline yet for its removal to be implemented?

Any news to this? this is really annoying. I don’t want the eCommerce Feature, please help

Puh, glad that I discovered this now before I start with a webflow page. Dealbreaker.

Did you ever get an answer on this? I’m trying to figure out how to delete ecommerce as well.

@Zelish_Mekhi - There is no undo function on our end (designer) aside from restoring a project back before the point in time that you activated e-commerce. You may be able to get Webflow support to do it for you. Not sure about that however.