Center a Slide in the middle of the page

Hi, would it be possible in Webflow to center a slide in the center of the page when the user clicks scroll?

The first slider on this landing page, whenever I click the arrows, the slide goes to the left edge of the screen, I’m trying to stop it at the middle:

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Hi @Mehmet

Did you ever get the slider the you wanted?

Unfortunately, can’t be done with Webflow slider

Oh… you’re trying to the slide frame to stop dead center… but show slides to the left and right faded out a little. Like a carousel?

Hi Mehmet

I this is a video, and not a slider. You will need Adobe After Effects to create the video and add the beaming circles.

Eh, no the slider is below the video.

But we ended up not doing it anyway.

yes, we originally wanted the slider to be in the dead center. However, we couldn’t achieve this, and decided to create an animated marquee