How do I make the last slide of the slider be to the left of the first slide?

I will have 13 slides.
I need the slide “1” to be centered initially,
slide “2” to the right,
and slide “13” to the left, which is the last slide.
At the same time, the side slides should only be half visible.

And here’s the problem, on the left, there is just empty space instead of a slide.
How can I solve this so that I can scroll the slider in both directions?

I’ve seen requests for this even 10 years ago, but I don’t believe that a decent solution hasn’t appeared in that time.
If you happen to have seen a solution to this problem on YouTube, please share the link here. I’ve been searching everywhere for almost a day and still haven’t found a solution.

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You can meet this kind of requirement using a library like swiper.js and some custom code (the config) since the feature you want is not baked into the Webflow slider element.