Cart Pop-up not presenting in exported site

I’m trying to locally code my website to test it before publishing to a third party hosting service and I’ve noticed that when I click the cart button nothing happens, while in the Webflow version the pop out cart presents itself. Is there any reason this is occurring or any way to fix this. I suspect there is some javascript issue but seeing as this code was all generated from Webflow I’m not sure what it could be all the best.

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Ecommerce functionality is not supported on export. If you have further techinical questions please reach out to customer support at

Does the exported code include my CMS and Ecommerce content?
CMS and Ecommerce content (databases) aren’t exported. Collection lists will show the empty state. Collection pages will also not show any content that’s bound to Collection fields as well.

Also make sure the JS file is in your export.

  1. A JS folder which contains the Webflow.js file. This file contains all the JavaScript necessary to make the interactive elements of your pages work properly. Things like forms, navbars, sliders, tabs, and interactions rely on webflow.js. If you delete this file, your page might look correct, but it won’t work as expected.

Its not an Ecommerce issue, the javascript show be able to support the expansion and collapse of the menu. Im not sure why on export it would be disabled. The contents of the drawer are irrelevant I just want to see it expand and collapse properly.