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Canvas Resizing Feedback

I think it’s great we can now see how our design will look on various mobile devices. And it’s cool that we can make adjustments so that our design will fit on all devices.

The thing is, why can’t this just happen automatically? There are other tools (I know because I’ve used them) that will make any block of text adapt to the device it’s on where everything just fits. Isn’t that the point of “responsive”? I hope to see this implemented here soon.

I don’t think all designers will agree with that :blush:
I want to decide on my own how each element looks like in different views.

If things don’t fit, make sure you’re using a width size that is a percent rather than a fixed pixel size. Maybe that will help :smile:

I want to decide too. I want a lot of control. What I’m saying is it would be better if no text areas were ever off-screen and we could tweak it from there. I should play around with this more here and see how I like it.