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Is the new Canvas resizing feature limiting?

I used to like the ability to select preview mode with desktop view activated and resize the browser down to mobile view myself without having to specifically change to another breakpoint.

It somehow does not feel as intuitve anymore in preview mode and takes me longer to test a responsive feature… Wondering if there was a way to get this functionality back?

Thanks in advance!

What i still do is go into preview mode, then resize my browser. Once i’m done testing, i make the browser full screen again, then disabled preview mode.

is this different from what you’re doing?

This is exactly what I’m doing except now if I am in desktop view, the webflow canvas remains fixed at the minimum desktop breakpoint view size and will not get smaller. Is this not the same thing that happens with you?

Hi Tim, Don’t know if you got this sorted but this has happened to me a couple of times, but once I cycle away to another tabs, say the Phone breakpoint and return to the desktop it gets sorted out. This not happening for you?

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Glad to see i’m not alone :slight_smile: If i cycle to phone breakpoint tab and back it sometimes allows me to have full control on the width of the desktop view but not always.

I think this a feature that is here to stay, (hence the silence) I’ve gotten used to it now but still stand by my initial thoughts. Preview mode no longer feels as intuitive.

Hi yes, this is also driving me nuts. At first I thought it was a browser extension causing problems. Then I realised it was an webflow update.

I agree, the old way used to be so much easier. I very rarely use the buttons at the top to resize the canvas. This is because I design fully responsive, not adaptive, typically taking advantage of % widths where I can. Not being able to freely (without distraction) adjust the browser size is a problem when testing. Like you, I have to switch to tablet and back to desktop for it to honour the new browser width at 100%.

Equally I assumed that the new canvas resizing feature would allow me to adjust the CSS for each of the minor device breakpoints without affecting others (e.g. the 960px down from a 1170px) In the past I would export out the code and work up the minor breakpoints manually in Sublime, so I was excited at this prospect. This however, turned out not to be the case. I therefore see no real value for this new canvas resizing feature. Sorry Webflow!

Webflow, if this feature must stay, can this setting be turned off/on project by project please.

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Let’s start a petition :smiley: on a serious note, I have slowly (very very slowly) adapted to this new workflow but it’s still very annoying. I dont like having to specifically select what breakpoint i want to view in preview mode. Give me back control of the browser size lol Pleaseeeee! :relaxed: