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Feedback: Resize the Designer canvas to preview site on larger screens

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This is awesome!

Now how about also putting canvas resize handles on the bottom, making it possible to resize it vertically, limiting it to preview the vertical layout on smaller screens? :wink:


Note: You said, “our current desktop option of 993 and above”… but it’s actually 992 and above for desktop. The breakpoint itself is hard-coded at 991, which has been a huge pain for years now.

Re: Desinger Canvas Resizer: All fine and good as a breakpoint visual aid, but I seriously need to be able to change Webflow’s hardcoded breakpoints. Example: @media (max-width: 991px) I have to always change to @media (max-width: 1024px)

There is NO DEVICE out there that needs a 991px breakpoint!

Right now when I export and download the code I have to do a search and replace on the 991px breakpoint in the CSS with Dreamweaver averaging 10 times a day while I’m working on a website design and testing on various devices. This manual replacement process continues to cost me time and frustrate my use of the Webflow tool.

If the Webflow team is determined to hardcode my breakpoints for me, then at least give me 1024px over the 991px!

Breakpoints for:
iPad 2 (Second Generation) - 768 x 1024 px
iPad Air (5th Generation) - 768 x 1024 px
iPad Air 2 (6th Generation) - 768 x 1024 px
iPad Mini (1st Generation) - 768 x 1024 px
iPad Mini 2 - 768 x 1024 px
iPad Mini 3 - 768 x 1024 px
iPad Mini 4 - 768 x 1024 px
iPad Pro (1st Generation) 9.7-inch - 768 x 1024 px
The iPad - 768 x 1024 px
iPad Pro 10.5-inch - 768 x 1024 px
iPad Pro 12.9-inch - 1024 x 1366 px


Still waiting for the tablet landscape mode… Now I can see it at 1024 pixels, but I can’t edit it, so why would you want me to be able to show it that way…


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Great work guys, I really, really, really hope this means you are going to introduce a tablet landscape breakpoint, designing the desktop version to fit on a landscape tablet is not always the best solution, even more so now that you are increasing the desktop sizes. :heart_eyes:

@dram Good point man! We deff need that

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Having custom breakpoint will be HUGE!


Exactly on point.

  1. Awesomeness. Keep it up!
  2. Let height be adjustable, too — without resizing the browser window itself
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