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Viewport height testing

Hi Webflow,

A small suggestion for the site would be a more realistic view port for testing mobile. I enjoy the ability to adjust the width to see how it looks on the various screen widths however another area of importance is the height. I always want to see if the section I have created will fit properly on a screen without scrolling. If I have an action button (next, read more, join, etc) I really want that button to display within the same screen as the call to action text. I find I am always going into Chrome to test the various device viewports and ensuring the mobile layout is where I want it. The full page view that you provide now is useful as well, however, it would be nice to be able to test the height when needed.

Just a thought,

Matt G


I’d like that too.

As there’s already a system for wrious widths;

The same for height would be great, where the upper part is the html viewport. (crappy mockup in photoshop):


Exactly, would be great if they functioned together just like Chrome Development tools. The height and width move together based on the device selection.

Thanks for giving it a visual.

That’s even better yes.

Hi Webflow - any update on this? Is anything like this in the works? I find you have to design using a distorted view in webflow to get it to respond properly on the mobile device. Especially the mobile landscape