Can't use the File Upload function in designer

Hello forum,

I have a current site which I’m hosting on Webflow using a CMS plan. My client has requested I add a new section to their website which features employment opportunities for their organization. In order to build this new section, I’ve made a duplicate of the site and I’m in the midst of creating this new section.

The new section will enable the user to upload their resume, and other documents. According to Webflow’s description of the CMS plan, allowing for a File Upload is included.

The problem: Designer won’t allow me to drag the File Upload component from the Forms section into my design. I’m not sure why this is the case. I was able to create a CMS website in designer, I just couldn’t publish the site without the CMS plan. Doesn’t the same logic apply here? I would assume I could build the site with the File Upload in place, then transfer over to the existing CMS plan.

If anyone could advise on how to proceed, your input would be greatly appreciated.

link below

Hello @Steveio, unfortunately you can’t add the File Upload feature to your site win only the basic CMS plan anymore, that is now a Business or E-commerce feature.

I hope this helps!

Thanks @Pablo_Cortes . That’s rather unfortunteate. When did this change? It had to have been recent, as I’m pretty sure as of a couple weeks ago uploading capabilities were part of CMS.

In any event, I thought any restrictions to use any of the Webflow design components was only when you publish. I now have to purchase this plan in order to design it?

My client has already paid for a year on the CMS plan, will Webflow prorate the difference?

Hey @Steveio, yes it is unfortunate, some improvements in Webflow are free some are not. I believe every time you upgrade your plan you get a prorated price. Best of luck with your project.

@Steveio another option is to add a free uploadcare account.

Thanks @ChrisDrit . I looked into Uploadcare. It looks pretty straight forward, but in order to stylize the buttons to match my design required more custom coding, which is outside of my wheelhouse. I think I’ll upgrade to the Business Plan, or I should say my client will.

Thanks again!