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Cant upload assets to site

I’m trying to upload assets to a site, and although I can click Upload and choose them and click OK, nothing is importing into Webflow.

Anyone else having this issue?

Try uploading the assets in incognito mode on your browser. If it uploads as you wish, it may be just a simple issue of clearing your cookies. (I run into a similar problem from time to time – clearing my cookies usually fixes it.)

Hey @mattvaru,

Your message came as I had done just that, and it worked again. I do occasionally get messages in Safari saying “this page is using a lot of memory/energy”, so perhaps it was also a memory thing.

Anyway, uploading again now happily :slight_smile:



Creative Director




Happy to hear it’s working now @energidesign

Definitely keep us updated if it happens again :bowing_man:

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