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Client billing from annual to monthly

Hello! I’ve reached out to support for this and have yet to hear anything. I have an urgent request of an e-commerce client needing to upgrade their hosting plan to accommodate adding more items before Black Friday. However, they want to switch from their current annual hosting payment to monthly. I can’t figure out how to do this specifically for when the client is responsible for billing.

Any advice?

Hey @stephanieberbec , I would get in touch with Webflow Customer Support. They should be able to help you out regarding this.

Hi @imtiazraqib — thank you for taking the time to reply. However, as I mention in the very first sentence of my post, I’ve already reached out to Webflow Customer Support with this issue. Both yesterday and today. But tomorrow is a holiday, so I’m feeling a bit pressed for time as to whether I’ll hear from Customer Support in time, hence why I’m asking on the forum if anyone has figured out how to do this.

Hey @stephanieberbec , I apologize as I did not comprehend the first sentence properly. However, this is how you can edit your client’s plan when they hold the billing responsibility.

  1. Within your project settings, go to billing

  2. Hit Edit next to the person responsible for billing.
    Screen Shot 2021-11-24 at 9.40.06 AM

  3. Scroll down to Site Plan and you can update the plan and pricing accordingly.

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@imtiazraqib Thank you for this — my issue is that when I make it to #3 by scrolling down to Site Plan and updating the plan/pricing accordingly, I can’t click over to “Monthly” to swap the client from their existing Annual payment to Monthly. :confused:

Just heard back from Webflow Support on this and their solution was to cancel the site plan and reinstate client billing to monthly — client will be refunded for the annual.

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