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Can't some symbols or styles

Hi Team, I want to reuse a site I accidentally renewed the hosting for, for another year. I deleted all pages, CMS Content, Assets, however I still have some 5 Symbols that won’t delete, consequently, I have a set of unused styles, I think,I cant delete also, unless that is another issue…? Can you help?

For the reference the symbols I am not using, that I am trying to get rid off, all finish with SS (Superseded).

Here is my Link

Thank you for your time.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hi @Saff,

The reason you are unable to delete those symbols is because they are ‘active’, that is: they are being used on a page somewhere.

If you have a look at your CMS pages; ‘Authors Template’ is using ‘Mobile Bottom Nav SS’. Delete the symbol from the page (along with any other instances elsewhere) and you will be able to then delete the master symbol.

Hope that helps

Hi Keiran, Thank you for coming back so quick…I am struggling to find the area you mentioned, can you send me a screen shot of the area I should be deleting?

Hey Saff,

made a quick video for you. (Much easier)

Hi Keiren, Thank you very much for that, very helpful.

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You’re welcome.

Please mark as solved if all sorted.


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