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Can't select tags for lower breakpoints like "all h1"


for desktop everything works fine: I can select the tag for “all paragraphs” or “all h1” and I can style it. But I cannot select for changing the styling on these tags like “all h1” on tablet or mobile. Is this a bug or a planned restriction?


PS. I found that video. It shows exactly what I need. But that option “Select A Tag” does not exist on chrome for windows for lower breakpoints:

I think that I’ve had this happen before and if you just click off the element and then back on that resolves the issue.

Thank you, but sorry, no effect :disappointed:

Can you give your share link here.


You cannot select the H Tag because you have not given it a Class Name.

Without a Class Name… all changes will affect H Tag Globally.

If you are wanting to style all “H1” at each breakpoint, it seems like it’s working as expected in the share link you provided. This screen shot is of the tablet view.

Hey @Revolution thank you. I think Class Name this is not my problem or solution.

@jdesign: So you have more options in the selector dropdown than I do have?
I use chrome (v62) on windows 10.

well… I must be mis-understanding the problem

Now I got it! I first have to remove the Class Name in the lower breakpoint. Afterwords I can select All H1 Headings for Tablet. Thank you @jdesign

Screenshot 2017-11-20 18_53_10

I did not expect this requirement and I do not understand its meaning. Maybe it’s a bug on Chrome for windows? Anyway - I have a solution.

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