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Responsive changes to text styles without classes?

In webflow I can style a H1 or other text styles without creating a class by styling the higher selector, All H1’s. I don’t seem to be able to adjust the style for smaller viewports, tablet and mobile without creating a class. Is that correct?

It would be great to be able to style all H1’s across the breakpoints with format differences without having to add a class.

No, you can style everything that can be styled with “all” class for any viewport.

Hi Dram, I can’t see that. If I look at a H1 on tablet, use the class selector to pick all styles, it is the desktop style, so if I make a change, it changes all styles across all responsive sizes, without letting me make the change for just tablet? In other words I need a class on the H1 to let me change the size of the type across responsive breakpoints. Am I missing something?

That’s not how it works. When you select, say, “all H1”, then change to the tablet view and make a change to the style of this “all” class, it will also cascade to mobile landscape and mobile portrait versions just like everything else in the webflow designer. If you want your mobile lanscape and mobile portrait views be different you will have to make modification on those breakpoints.

Thanks Dram, that is how I expected it would work, will check again, thanks for your help.