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Can't scroll in the style panel in safari

Just tried editing my site in safari 8 on OSX Yosemite and I am unable to scroll down in the style panel. I realize this is prerelease software but just putting it out there :smiley:


I’m using OS X Yosemite (I’m a dev) and everything works fine for me. If you are using an external mouse you should try using touchpad instead. My friend have this issue where scroll on his mouse doesn’t work on Webflow and he has to use touchpad instead for scrolling through panel.

Remember that Google Chrome is a browser for which the Webflow was built in the first place. Try switching to Chrome and check if the problem persist.

Take care!

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Hey thanks for the tip but I don’t believe in using mice on my macbook :wink: only ever use the trackpad. Chrome is my main browser and the one I normally develop in… as I said in my comment I was just trying out safari. Now that it is getting up to par with chrome I may make it my main browser down the road but not now. Both chrome and safari use the same rendering engine and safari is listed as compatible for developing I’m Webflow so it should there for be compatible whether Webflow was built in it or not :slight_smile: regardless I’ll continue to use chrome. Just wanted the Webflow team to be aware of the bug.

PS I’m on the public beta 2 - in years past I’ve used the Dev releases but this year I’m using the public beta.

Oh, that might be the issue. There were some bug fixes on Developer Preview 6 and 7 regarding Safari as far as I can remember. Does this happen on other OS X system? Is it possible for you to reinstall OS X to check it? I’m using Time Machine to store my system in case I need to check something back on Mavericks.

Yea the public beta 2 is only caught up to DP6. Good suggestion, I’ll check it on my other macbook air or imac running mavericks later to see if it’s the same issue or not.