Users mac os, please test my site

Hello, I am having the same plug. there is a suspicion that it does not work in the Mac OS, please visit the site and scroll through several screens, how the scroll?

One hit at the scrolling weel and it scrolls down all the way to the last section.
But, using the navbar, seems ok. Its doing the trigger to each correspondent section.

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You have some custom jQuery code in your site. Try removing it then putting it back in one by one to see where the problem is.

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Tested this on Safari 7.1.7. A single touch on the trackpad, and I fly all the way to the last section. Everything else works just fine.

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Thank you!! I will look for a solution to this problem. :grinning: There likewise ?

Exactly the same on this site.
Just for your reference, I’m using a mac but I’m looking to it with chrome :wink:

then the problem is with the trackpad … Thank you very much!

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Glad to help. Hope you can now fix it :slight_smile: please :smiley::smiley::smiley:

I suggest using - great site for testing your designs among various browsers, operating systems and screen sizes.

They have a free plan as well.

Thank you. but I need the trackpad on Apple MacBook and Apple Magic Mouse

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