Scroll work very bad in editor in Safari

Hello, can you please tell me if this bug can be fixed when scrolling in Safar? In the editor, when scrolling the site up and down, there is such an unpleasant torn effect and the page hardly scrolls. But if you pull the slider, then everything is fine. There is no such glitch in Google Chrome, I checked it. Safari latest version 5.3 (16612., 16612)

Video screen with the bug – Запись экрана 2022 03 10 в 18 57 34 - YouTube

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Best using the designer in Chrome only, it’s not built for safari so there’s likely to be bugs. Just do testing of the published site in safari.

Thanks, is this the only way? My macbook lacks power when I’m running both Safari and Google Chrome. Maybe there is some solution for Safari?

Yea that’s the only way unfortunately

I prefer working on Safari but I also have this breaking bug so i’m forced to use Chrome. I also tried Safari Technology Preview but no luck there. Let me know if you find a fix!

Well that’s disappointing, I new to Webflow and I’m having exactly the same issue, while working on safari the editor is shaky while scrolling up or down, which is incredibly annoying and makes it quite hard to work on it. One could’ve expected that the issue would be solved by now, as the thread is 8 months old :frowning: