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Can't remove text fields and field labels

I can’t seem to figure out how to remove certain text fields and field labels from a form block. I just need an input fields and button to mimic a search field.

Does anyone know how?

Did you try open it in Navigator and remove elements which you do not need?

Yes, but there doesn’t seem to be “delete” options. Also, tried to figure out how to view the form block 's code inspector (if possible) to try and remove the fields from there.

When I try to drag just an input field it says it can only be inserted into a form form block so I drag in a form block and by default the block comes with two fields, name and email. I want to remove those to just drag in an input field and button.

Yes, any form-element you can add only to Form Wraper. So:

  1. Adding Form widget to your page
  2. Find elements that you do not need and remove them (you can use button Delete or Backspace on your keyboard too)

3.Add element that you need.
4 For styling any element you will have to give it some class.


If you want to add form elements to your design without the Form block hold “alt” and drag the element where you want it.


Thank you! I didn’t think to try deleting from my keyboard. Thanks

Owww, it is something that I didn’t know too :slight_smile: Thanks

Hi, I thought I would just make a quick note.

Although possible to drag form elements to the canvas using the “alt” key and drag, this would be for display purposes or for use with some custom code integration.

The Forms widget will only work, if the fields are used within the Form element. Cheers, Dave

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