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How to remove elements from a Webflow page

Dumb question - found out the answer. Hit delete in the navigator or right button in the canvas. Duhh…

I may not be asking the right question, but I have been looking for a way to remove an element from a Webflow page. I don’t see any trash bin or delete button that I can use. For example, I may want to remove my entire navbar and start over. Or perhaps I want to remove an entire container or link block or label. I hope you get the idea. I can’t just use the right mouse button and click delete. I can of course use undo if I have just added the element, but what do I do later if I change my mind about an element.

Thanks for your help.

You can use “Delete” or “Backspace” buttons on your keyboard

Thanks Sabanna. I must be getting stupider with age.

Happens :slight_smile: maybe you just tired

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