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Customizable Form Elements

Hey team,

I’m attempting to create custom style form elements, aka remove the default styling for the input fields, selector element, etc but I am running in to some issues where I can’t fully remove the border and gradient from some of the elements. Anybody have any tips or tricks to completely customize and/or change form elements where I can at least start form scratch?

Could you give a little more detail? Which field are you having difficulties with?

essentially I am trying to remove all styling from the Forms. Even when I get down to the base style there is still a border on the input field even though I’ve set it to no border. With the selector field I want to remove the current arrow navigations and replace it with something more custom. Just wondering if I have to use custom css for this and if anybody has some recomendations.

I want those grey lines gone along with the selector arrows. I will indicate a form field by other means.