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Form submit button not showing in the page

I made a multi step form and everything is working except for the submit button that does not want to show up on the page. It is in Slide number 8 on the bottom.

If I make a new page and create a new form the button shows up. If I delete the form and make a new one the button shows up, also regular buttons work, only submit will not display and it would be quite some effort to make the form again from the beginning. Can anyone help?

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Hey Archie! Is the custom code possibly hiding the button? I couldn’t figure it out either.

hey I tried removing the code completely, saving and refreshing but the submit button still does not show

Figured it out. I had this css

input[type=submit] {
background-color: DodgerBlue;
color: #fff;
cursor: pointer;

which made the submit button the same color as the background, white.

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Ahh, that makes sense. Glad you figured it out! Thanks for following up here.

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