Can't find missing Webfont on my Webflow Website


I’m currently in the process of updating all my websites from using webfonts to installing the fonts directly in webflow. This generally works quite well, I can delete the web fonts quickly via the project settings and install the fonts. However, I’m facing a big problem, because almost every project I’m working on shows me that web fonts are still in use somewhere on the page, and I usually have to search for hours to find them.

At the moment I’m stuck with a website where different “Webfont-Finder-Tools” say that somewhere in the website there is a Poppins Webfont in usage (Screenshot). Unfortunately I just cannot find the css class which is using this webfont either in Webflow or with the chrome dev tools…

I’d appreciate it, if someone could help and teach me how to find the css classes that are using webfonts properly. First of all, I would be interested in the general procedure for identifying such font families. If I still can’t figure it out, I would of course share the link to the website.

Thanks in advance - If you need more information, don’t hesitate to ask :blush:


Chrome has a new tool that makes this easy. Look at CSS Overview: Identify potential CSS improvements - Chrome Developers

Thanks for the tip! But I’m already using this tool and it could not find the font/ the class that uses the font.

Nevertheless i found the problem. It was a Webflow HTML-Block with code in it, that was made invisible because it was not in use at the moment. So that’s probably also the reason why the CSS Overview from chrome dev tools couldn’t find it.