Integrated Google Font

Hi Everyone,
I used parts of a Webflow starter Template on a website and have now installed all fonts locally in order to be GDPR compliant. However, the Montserrat that was used is somehow still being accessed - I can still see the files in the source code.

Where would I find these files or embed so that I can remove them from the site?


Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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You need to find all classes that reference that font family so you can change the font face or remove it from them. Webflow autoloads Google fonts assigned to elements in the designer unless they are already uploaded to your project.

There is a new feature in chromium based browsers that make it very easy to find font usage by class / ID. It is in devtools and it is called CSS Overview.

webdev, thanks!

Finding the font families and classes isn’t so difficult - thankfully there aren’t too many instances. But I can’t find the place where I can edit/change the font face. I’m only aware of editing the fonts via the styles panel or the custom code (which it isn’t)

You have to make changes to each style. Have you looked at using search within the style manager? Style Manager | Webflow University

I can’t edit the styles in the style manager. That’s the point. :frowning:
If I hover over the style, I see clearly the font-family: montserrat; which is being pulled from Google fonts but no way to change that.

I don’t get why you cannot simply select a Style in the Style Manager and then just edit it in the Style Tab.

@KiranZee - If you click on the list icon it takes you the page and (clicking again) the element where a class is used. It would be nice to save clicks but I think that Webflow does things to minimize damage you can do to your own site, rather than make it easier for power users.

Hi webdev, thanks for your patience - I might have not explained it well.

I want to keep the montserrat font but change it from the fontface to the uploaded font in order to make it GDPR complaint. I have uploaded the same font but it doesn’t give me the option anywhere to switch it from fontface to the custom font.

When I check under sources with the inspect tool it is still pointing to the google.apis