Can i see which fonts are used at my website?


I have installed three fonts in the settings. I don’t think I use one font at all anymore, but I’m not 100% sure.

Is there any way to find out which fonts are in use within my site?

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hi @Toby there is a tool for developers in each browser called ‘Developer Tool’ that is used for many things and CSS is one of them. For more information use your favourite browser and use correct keyword to find more about this.

I would like to know this too so that I can remove unused fonts to improve site performance without worrying about removing a font I’m still using. In the beginning of my project I installed 30 fonts to test them, not knowing it would ultimately have a negative effect on site performance. I cleaned up unused Styles but it seems like I also need to remove unused fonts.

Using tools like PageSpeed Insights, which lists unused fonts under “unused CSS,” doesn’t return an accurate result - for example it listed one of the 3 fonts I am using as “unused”

Ideally I would be able to keep unused fonts for other projects somewhere on webflow for later use that doesn’t impact this project’s performance.

For now I’m manually going through all the project pages to make sure I don’t miss a font type I’m using and individually deleting them from Fonts.


hi @szollar you are trying to use wrong tool as name of tool PageSpeed is descriptive what should be used for. When you search this forum you will find several solved request where members had an issues with unused fonts. Here is one example

NOTE there ate online apps like Codepen where you can test how fonts will look together. Or find articles about “Fonts pairing”.

In Chrome (or chromium based browsers) devtools there is a hidden tool called “CSS Overview” which reports on various CSS information including font usage.

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