Cant delete & find where class that seemes to be in use to change font

Hello lovely Webflow Community,
im going to finish my first webflow page soon but im having the following challenge.
Now I have read that all fonts must be included locally. Using google font checker I found out that supposedly 5 of my elements still use the font “Pt sa”.
Among others the class “button 2”.

I have a class called “button 2” that cannot be deleted via the style manager, as it appears to be in use.
I have searched the whole website (especially my created buttons) by now but just can’t find any object where the class “button 2” is linked ?!!?
Unfortunately, the class “button 2” can not be easily deleted, because Webflow thinks that it is still in use.
What is the easiest way to find and delete or change font of this class, so that the font “Pt sa” is no longer loaded for this class?

Unfortunately I am not able to do this myself.

Friend of mine already checked the website also but couldn’t figure it out - he knows webflow alreardy for longer.


Please help - if needed i can also share the read only path to the website

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
(how to share your site Read-Only link)

I have also the same problem. Get rid of google fonts.
I still have one font I cant delete but I tried it this way:
make a blank page. add a text field. give it the class .button-2
then you see the pt sans font.Change it to a system font. By this all items with class -button-2 dont use pt sans anymore.