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We are wanting to only show certain pages from the desktop version on the mobile version. Is there any way to “hide” certain pages on the mobile version. Also, we are running into the issue that when we change something on the mobile version, it also changes on the desktop. Do we need to start all over and design the mobile version first?

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For your first question. Unfortunately, I don’t believe there is any way to “hide” entire pages via breakpoints in Webflow. However, you could design an alternate menu that only shows on the tablet/mobile versions… or just set the display property to none on specific links on say the mobile versions of the menu system (probably will require adding an additional class to target the specific links you want to hide) to hide those nav links from users viewing the site on a mobile device.

For the second issue… Webflow’s css is desktop first, then cascades down from there so this shouldn’t be happening (and is also why the solution stated in the first paragraph should work just fine for “hiding pages”). Will need more specific info as to what exactly you altered on the mobile version that somehow also changed on the desktop version to figure that out.

When I delete certain elements off of the mobile version, the same action occurs on the desktop version. Should this be happening?

Yes, because you are altering html content, not simply making css changes. In fact, I didn’t even realize how easy they make it to do this… Open your site up in the designer… Now click on anything (a div, a link in your navigation, an image, a specific section, etc…) Now click on the “cog” icon (settings) - you can easily choose what devices you want a specific piece of content to show on. So just choose the specific links that link to the pages you want hidden on mobile, and only show them on the desktop/tablet versions of the navigation.

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The navigation symbol is the way it should be on the homepage, but when placed on other pages, the spacing is off on the margins and logo image. Considering it is a symbol, why would it be fine on one page, but not fine on any others?

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