Can't even complete the first tutorial step

I just signed up for Webflow and entered the tutorial. It tells me to “Drag a Container to the page”. When I do that, a red error message pops up:

Drag container
Drag the Container element into the empty section.

Video of the problem:

I thought Webflow would let me make a website without coding but it seems I’m not even proficient in drag&drop enough to pass the first tutorial step :joy: Please what am I doing wrong?

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I would recommend you take a bit of time to learn about the containers element. Head over to the University for tuts and docs. You can’t nest them for one and the normal workflow is to drop them into sections as evidenced by the red warning dialog in your designer interface.

I’d rather say it’s a bug. The same scenario works in the designer, but not in this tutorial.

Same problem, what a poor experience for prospective users.

I learnt this the hard way.

Here are some basic concepts which may solve the issue.

Elements - this is a general term for any block of anything in Weflow. Text box, Section, image etc.

The basic heirarchy is this:

Body all pages: This is hidden but it is crucial. The way to find it is to go to your body tag in the navigator (Z). On the top RHS you will see “inheriting” and some orange text. CLick on this and the Pink “Body all pages” tag will be revealed. CLick on the pink tab and your in the body all pages interface. Here is where you can set defaults for font size backgrounds etc.
To have a functioning expewrience you MUST also have a body.
The Body has “Sections”. You cannot nest sections, no sections within sections. I think of a section as an area of the website that performs some logical chunk - maybe provide contact details, or provide an intro.
Within sections next are containers. Containers “contain” elements. They are set up so that the width of a container is set, rather than flexible. They can be customised further but for now, this is the essence
You can put things like headings, paragraphs and pics into a container. BUT…
If you want better control then its best to put a DIV box (which is an empty box) in first and then put your stuff in this. This makes arrangement simpler.
Div blocks have many purposes.
There is a lot of disparity between the lessons and how the program currently functions. If you cant find something, or something wont happen. First make sure you have selected the correct thing in the Navigator, then if the menu item is still not showing, click all the items that are near where the menu item should be. I have trouble with the color menu, it behaves strangely, sometimes it can be easily reached sometimes not. Also, on my journey through the Portfolio course, I ended up with two database collections (cos I experimented) and neither would delete. Deleting Collections is tricky. There is a Webflow article on the subject, but the menus are different. I had to partially use the video instructions and partially use the Navigator’s deletion function - in that order.
I have had to delete and rebuild my site four times now, but each rebuild brings new learning opportunies - I try to look at it that way.