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Can't edit/style contents of RTE in the Designer

This problem probably has a very simple solution.

I’m in the Designer trying to edit and style the contents of a Rich Text Element. (What is of particular importance to me is being able to access the “Nest Selector” functionality.) In the Webflow video tutorial, this editing/styling functionality is enabled by simply double-clicking the element. But that is not working for me. I was wondering if anyone might have an idea what I’m doing wrong or should do differently.

I’ve recorded a 26-second video demonstrating the problem:

Here is my site Read-Only:

Just posting a reply to send this temporarily back up to the top of the topics, hoping someone new might notice and have an answer.

Did you give your RFF a class? Usually you do this on an element on a styleguide page then when all your nested selectors are styled you apply the class to a RTF bound to a CMS collection or on any page.

Thank you @webdev .

Yes, I did do this (at least now, I don’t remember if I had done that when I recorded the video).

What I’m gathering from trial and error, though, seems to be that you can double-click to edit and style RTE elements when the RTE and its content are directly on the page, but not when it’s pulling its content indirectly from a collection. In the latter case it seems Iike I have to back and forth into the CMS to tag the element, and then to the Designer to see the style results.

If you don’t mind, please confirm if this is correct and I’ll mark this as solved.

Thanks again for your help.

That is correct. Apply styles to unbound RTF’s based on a class.

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