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Can't deleting styles!


Whats this here? I can’t deleting this styles. I have tried the styles clean up, but no styles can found to clean up.
Whats the plus icon?


The plus is just an icon indicating that the it is a dependant child (a non-abstracted sub-class). If a class is still in use (any instance exists on any page of your site) then the class cannot be deleted.

So the same applies to parent and child relationships - all dependant children have to be removed before a parent class can be deleted. I have had some cases where auto clean up may take more than one pass to delete. I think it is deleting unused children on the first pass and parents on the second.

I don’t believe that targeted instances in interactions would prohibit deleting a class - I need to test that.

If you toggle open edit (wrench icon) a class that is unused will have a trash can icon - if it is in use only the wrench icon will appear.

Tip: with CSS it is better to use dashes (hyphens) rather than underscores. Upon export Webflow replaces all spaces and underscores with dashes in class instance names. It can save you some time to use their naming if you do any post work or scripts when publishing on your own server.