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Ability to delete/clear single unused styles

I would like to remove classes individually, there are some clases like “active” or “current” that we use it on scripted code, so that classes shouldnt be deleted even if WebFlow detects that are not been used.

So once you parse and detect all the styles that are not associated (which is awsome! :slight_smile: ), those styles should have an ‘X’ or a trashcan on each block to delete only that style. Don’t you think that?


Yes, from recently, I’m like you, I have classes that are dealt ith by custom fileds and AngularJS, so I can’t anymore use the cleaning feature.

I have a workaround though: anytime I create a useful class that is not going to be attached to an element in webflow, I document it in a page called Dashboard, and attach it to a square element. So it’s used and I can clean without fear.

I use this Dashboard page to gather all my important Symbols that are sread on all the site, so when I have content update, I can do them easily on one page. Also, when I have an element set to opacity 0 for interactions, I try to make a symbol of its content, then put the symbol on the dashboard page, so I don’t have to manipulate anything to edit the hidden content.

I also put styles with color reference so I can edit them all in one place for harmonization.

Hope it helps!


or the other way around, a lock icon on some classes so they’ll never be erased for any reason.


Yea, thats a good workaround and it’s the best way of doing other things like building your web components bootstrap, but in the other hand it’s a little more of heavy work. We are kinda lazy around here :3

Absolutely true. On my scenario that would be even better.

not a bad idea. I hadn’t thought of doing this… I might give it a try.

That would be awesome. I have a few nested classes which get triggered by some JS but are not used anywhere within the editor. @vincent, that’s a pretty smooth workflow. I’ll give it a try.

Now I tend to have “Dashboard pages” that are not linked/public and that I use only in Webflow to manage things. I’d put all footers symbols on one, all symbols of frequently edited text on another, blocks with the classes you’re talking about on another, etc… I have Organisation webflow accunt, I thought I could work with someone at my clien’ts but even webflow it hard for them and the tend to brek things. So I made dashboard pages for them, they only go there, double click on symbols and edit the text… risk reduced to the minimum. So yeah I sometimes use symbols only to make content fake-dynamic, easier to edit.

In another case it’s extremely time saving: try to manage a 100 pages webflow site and you understand why there’s a page limitation. It gets slow, slow to pass from a page to another. So on this website I have 5 languages, so 5 footers, I have one dashboard with all headers, menu and footers. When clients change labels (they do a lot) and links (they do that constantly), I have one page to open, edit, save, and I’m done. I do less errors that way, 20 times quicker.

Does anyone know how to actually delete a single class or css style?

If it’s unused, go in the Styles manager, and click on clean up styles then delete unused styles.