Cant create new CMS Items with site plan

Hello dear community,
I’ve been trying to add new products for a few hours and I keep getting the message that my CMS capacity is exhausted, even though I’ve only used 94 items in the overview.

I can no longer add product variants or products in general.

I have the e-commerce standard plan.

Is it a bug or am I forgetting something important?

Thank you in advance!

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Salty Rings

The max collection items items on a plan includes all items-

Product Variants
Other Collection Items

My guess is that if you add all of those up, you’d see why Webflow has reached that limit on your current plan.

Hi Michael,
thank you for your response.

Alright but, except for the products and their categories, I have no other CMS data. Only Collection lists to display the products on the website.

Ah, yes, I’m not seeing anything obvious.
But when I was clicking through your product list I encountered this message;


I think I was on Mallestiger Ring

My best guess is Webflow’s confused about how to count some variants due to data issues, or that the corruption itself is treated as a “we don’t know so let’s not allow creating anything new.”

I’d try recreating those and then if that doesn’t work, Webflow support would be your best bet.

Hi Michael,
Webflow solved this problem! Thank you for your efforts.

I post it here, because it may be relevant to other people:
" I’ve taken a look at the project and see that this is related to an change that the team has recently made.

We recently made an update to our Ecommerce plans, and to support that change, we also changed the way that Ecommerce items are counted as part of overall site plan limits.

Previously, Ecommerce items were counted in addition to CMS items. Now, Ecommerce items are counted separately from CMS items. Because of this change, the limits of each plan have conflicted. I’ve gone ahead and resolved this for you and your client.

We’ve manually updated your site plan limits to allow more Ecommerce items. We hope this helps unblock you so you can continue to add/edit Ecommerce items on your site."