Ecommerce Limit Issue

Hi All,

My client is on Ecommerce Standard plan. Currently is has 211 products, with variants this goes up to 283 (as seen in screenshot) + categories we are now at 300. Limit of the plan is 500 however he is still unable to add new products.

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Ċestine

I have the same problem, Did you find a solution to this problem?

I encountered the same issue and opened a ticket a while back. Here’s the response:

Hi there, Denisse,

Olivia here from Webflow’s Technical Support team, happy to clarify how our Ecommerce limits work!

To give some more context on how our Ecommerce plans work, we made an update to our Ecommerce plans in 2022. To support that change, we also changed the way that Ecommerce items are counted as part of overall site plan limits. Previously, Ecommerce items were counted in addition to CMS items. Now, Ecommerce items are counted separately from CMS items.

I do want to break down how these limits work.

The respective limits for items on Ecommerce plans are**:**

  • 500 items - Ecommerce Standard Plan
  • 5000 items - Ecommerce Plus Plan
  • 15,000 items - Ecommerce Advanced Plan

1 Ecommerce product does not = 1 Ecommerce item when counted towards your limit - I’ve included some information on how Ecommerce items are counted below.

The following items count toward the item limit under the Ecommerce site plan:

  • Products
  • Product variants
  • Categories

Here’s a breakdown of how each of the above count toward your item limit**:**

  • 1 product with no variants = 2 items (product + SKU)
  • 1 product with 1 variant = 3 items (product + SKU + variant)
  • 1 category = 1 item

As of right now, there are 477 Ecommerce items on your site. Adding 30 products (if they don’t have any variants) counts as 60 items, which would be over the 500 limit for the Ecommerce Standard plan. If you need to add additional items, you will need to upgrade to our Ecommerce Plus or Advanced plan:

Some more information on Ecommerce item limits can be found at the following Webflow University article:

I hope this helps clarify things! Let us know if you have any other questions.

Have a great day!