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Cannot drop image into container

How come when I create a section --> container --> column --> and try to put an image in one of the column by dragging the “image” into the column, it doesn’t work.

It works else where just not on my site any more. Is this a bug?

That’s super weird. I have not run into this problem, but it may be a bug. Can you paste your troubleshooting link here? Or your subdomain?

The troubleshoot link is:

When adding a section, container, or column… the default height is 0px
The Tools have changed too. Is there maintenance going on or is it just mine?
Border tools are all out of order too.
I’m in the middle of making the website and certain things are no longer working properply.

Vinsuh it seems that you have zoomed into your site. Press CTRL+0 or CMD+0 to reset your browser’s zoom.

Try that.

Also, I see what’s going on with your side. When you drop an image into anything it disappears because you have ALL Images set to Fixed.

You can clear the Position property by clicking on it (the blue link for it) and clearing it.

We’ve removed ALL Images class a while ago but they come with our templates. I’m going to change the templates so it doesn’t do this.