Social Icon Links Not Appearing


I’m having some issues with making the above mentioned appear. I can see them perfectly in the designer but as soon as I take a look at the site with the temp domain ( they do not appear.

Can anyone help please?



Here is my public share link:
(how to access public share link)

If I manually give them dimensions in chrome inspector they show up

See the dashed outline typical of webflow default element here?

It means the element has no dimensions yet, because it has no content. A background image doesn’t count as content hence don’t give any dimension to the element on what its set.

So when published, the social divs are there, only at a size of zero.

Webflow gives default dimensions so we can work, but here you either have to put content in the div or give it dimensions.

It doesn’t have a gray dashed outline anymore because it has dimensions.

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Hey @vincent,

You sir are an absolute star, I’ll go check this out and remember that for future reference.

Thank you so so much!


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