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Div is not visible on hosting

My dear WF friends. I have a little issue which I can’t figure out by myself and whoever is available, please take a look on what might be the reason of such a thing:

I have a section with a container in it, and there is a div with 5 icons in a row through Flex layout settings (thanks WF team for this feature!).

In my editor it looks ok, and it is visible, and so on, and I can’t see why it’s not displayed when published on webflow or external hosting… Or even in preview mode.

I found the similar topic in the forum but the problem there seemed to be with interactions. In my case there’s no interactions applied to this div.

Here is my public share link: LINK
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That is your clue:

When Webflow displays dashed borders it tells you “Hey I have an element here with no dimensions set, basically it’s zeroed in dimensions so for you to work easily I’m going to simulate some dimensions while in the designer”

So you have a div, with backround image, and nothing. BG image don’t set dimensions. As soon as you preview the site, those divs are width=0 height=0

So either put soimething in the divs, like the actual image instead of using the img as a bg, or give them a size.

And the preview:

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Thank you so much, vincent! This is one of those little things I wasn’t aware of. The problem is solved.

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