Allow anyone to create a "Blog" topic?

So, I’m loving Webflow! I am working on a site that is similar to a standard blog, with comments. I can’t seem to find the answer to my question.

I’d like to allow anyone that comes to the site to “search” for … let’s say a “Blog Topic.” If the topic is found, then it will take them to a page that is specific to that topic, and there they could read comments about that topic and comment on the topic.

However, if the “topic” is not in the CMS, then it would create a unique page (or blog post) for that topic (only the title, not other content) … then users could leave a comment about that topic.

Does this make any sense? I cannot find if the Webflow CMS will allow general website users to anonymously create a topic. Any insight into this would be greatly appreciated.


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Hello @bradthedesigner and welcome!

Check out Disqus for an easy way to add comments for your blog collection or any page on your site.

You could create two CMS Collections.

  • Blogs
  • Topics

Then using a reference field connect a topic to each blog post.

You can even use a multi-reference field to allow a blog post to reference multiple topics.

On the template page for the Topics collection, add comments and links to blogs relating to that topic using a collection list and filtering to the “current topic”.

Then customize the search results page and collection page settings to setup the search results to your liking.

Now to answer your question about user submitted topics. There is a way to do this using Zapier. Here’s the gist of it.

  • Visitor fills out topic form on site
  • Zapier captures the form data
  • Zapier sends the form data back to the Webflow topic collection as a draft item
  • You approve the cms draft item and publish it live to the site

All of this to say, “Yes! It can all be done in Webflow.” Hope this gives you some inspiration and a jumping off point. The forums are a great way to get help so please feel free to keep asking questions. Happy designing!


Wow! Thanks for the detailed info. This completely makes sense. I’m gonna give it a shot. Thanks!

My pleasure! :+1: Keep us updated as the project progresses.

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