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Styling dynamic image in rich text field not affecting live image

I’ve got a blog and am trying to make images within a rich text field full width on mobile. On the live site, they are showing only at 60% width.


When I go to style an image within the rich text field in Webflow, the image shows at 100% width.

Live URL -

I inspected the code and noticed the images are wrapped with figure and div tags, so I styled the figure and image to be 100% width, but that didn’t work (can’t style the div tag).

Any ideas why this could be happening?

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Hello @Dreamten

Maybe you need to open the image settings and set to full width. The rich text image settings.

Piter :webflow_heart:

I already styled the figure and image to be 100% width

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Yes, but using the styles panel. I think that there’s some problems with styling images in RTE using the styles panel. You can go to the blog post > rich text > set the image to full width. See here >

Maybe the media styles are conflicting with the css styling from the style panel.

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