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Rich text. How to make images wider than the text

Hi there,

I am creating a blog page and I want the images inside the rich text to be wider than the other elements (headings, paragraphs, quotes).
In the Webflow blog posts you can take a look how it should look like:

I tried to edit the image width with a value greater than 100% but doesn’t work. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance

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Using a value above 100% should work, just make sure you offset the image to the left half the amount to increase it by (ex: 10% left if the image is 120% wide). If you’re not seeing the change then you probably have another style prevent it from taking effect.

If you can’t get it working, please share your read-only link and I’d be happy to take a look into it.

@mikeyevin thanks for your answer.
I can’t seem to get it to work… If you could take a look at the read-only link I would appreciate it.

Thanks in advance!

Ah, it looks like there are some settings within the RTE image position/size that are conflicting with the width property, but I was able to get it working by using the min-width property instead:


Keep in mind that I applied this to the containing figure element nested within the rich text element and made sure the image stretched 100% of the width. Hope that helps!


Wow! Thank you @mikeyevin!
It works perfect now. I owe you a beer!


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Glad I could help out!