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Can't add images to lightbox anymore

Working with safari on Mac, all latest version:

I simply can’t add new images to an existing lightbox. I have a page with lots of these similar lightboxes, whenever I need a new one I duplicate another one and simply fill it with new images. On this page, look at the right ‘column’ at the lightbox above the name of the mentioned artist ‘Marike Cools’ and try to add images. The one thing that happens is it adds ‘imageplaceholder.svg’, no matter how many times I retry. Also in other lightboxes on this page, I can’t add images anymore. I ran into this problem after having added images with no problem to other (but structural the same) lightboxes on the page.

Anyone? Has this page reached a maximum of images? Is ther a problem with twe wrapping div?

Please help, I have no clue

kind regards

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Hey @TomLamers, welcome to the forums!

I was able to add images to your lightboxes without any issue. Maybe try logging out of Webflow, clearing your cache, and going back into the project.

On the other hand, this would be a perfect opportunity to use Collection Lists. Have you used them before? You could essentially create and Collection called projects for example, and add items to it, where each item is a project. Then within that item, you could create fields like title and a group of images. Then, on your page, you could add a Collection List where each one has a lightbox with the images you created for each project. If you’re not sure how to do something like this, let me know, and I could help you out.

Thx @myonke

Strange that you are able to! Maybe this second post will lead to a solution. Because I still can’t!!

I’ve cleaned the cache, erased history, also used the latest Chrome instead of my favorite Safari, all to no avail!

I don’t use webflow hosting and instead export the html and host somewhere else.



Hi @TomLamers, thanks for the info, I am helping to reach out to our team about this issue with the lightboxes, while I have not been able to reproduce this on new project, I can see that there is some strange behavior there with the existing lightbox in your project and trouble adding the image. The moment I have further info, I will inform immediately.

Thanks in advance.

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