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Lightbox settings doesn't work

Hi everyone!
At first, i’m so sorry for my poor langage. I don’t practice anough ^^’

Just today, i tried to put some images in my portfolio gallery project, but on the Lightbox settings there are no more uploaded images before and it’s no longer possible to add other media or image.

I also tried to create an other Lightbox on the same project and on an other, and it’s the same problem.

Well, I’m stuck now ^^’

Thanks alot!


Hi @Lhisy - I am seeing the same problem on my end. Perhaps this is a bug that Webflow is working on?

@Lhisy is this what you are seeing? Before, you could add media to the lightbox, and now it won’t allow you to click the img or vid icons to upload anything. The first screenshot is from a video I took a couple months ago showing that the image media was in there, and the 2nd one is showing that it isn’t there anymore. However, the lightbox still works fine, but I can’t add anything more to the collection now…@PixelGeek, is there any update on this bug?


Yep! That’s excaltly what i have. Before it was like the Picture 1, and now it’s the same as picture 2. I can’t add ou remove anything, just like you.

Hi the exact same thing is happening to me too! I am unable to change the lightbox video link.

@chiaminp @Lhisy I submitted a support ticket, and I will update this thread when I hear back.


So many Thanks Myonke :slight_smile:

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Hi @Lhisy @myonke @chiaminp

Thank you for reaching out via the support too. One of our developers has hopefully found a fix, and we are just testing it now before deploying.

Thank you so much for reporting it and your patience! :webflow_heart:

I will report back here once a fix is pushed. :pray:


Hey @Lhisy, @myonke, and @chiaminp,

@magicmark had to go to sleep because it’s 3:30 am in London right now and he was awake thinking that testing my code changes was more exciting than sleeping.

The fix is deployed now. If you refresh the Designer you should be back in action.

Thanks again for spotting and reporting this and I apologize for the disruption this caused to your workflow today.

– Dustan

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@iamdustan @magicmark Thank you guys both for being ALL OVER THIS. Really appreciate the fast response and great support.

One thing to add is that I am now seeing a few placeholder images added to my lightbox media (pictures below) I just deleted them, so it wasn’t a big deal, but I wanted to let you guys know. Could have been an error on my part too, but I don’t believe so.

Thanks again, you guys are awesome.

PS - Do you guys sell any Webflow Tshirts/swag? I tell everyone I can about you all, and I think it’s time to step up my game haha :slight_smile:

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@iamdustan and @magicmark, thank you so much for have fix the bug. I feel guilty for making you worke so late … You are the best!

:joy: It IS more exciting than sleeping! :nerd_face: If you have any further issues with those placeholders @myonke then please let me know.

No problem at all @Lhisy happy to help when we can! We definitely understand it’s frustrsting when something doesn’t work as expected.

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Thank you so much! @magicmark @iamdustan

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