Canonical Links in Webflow blog

I had an article published to a major publication that I want to repost on our company blog on our webflow site. But I need to use a canonical link.

I read this [] which almost helped me figure it out.

I got as far as getting a canonical on my blog page, but then I really got lost when trying to figure out how to “link field type and dynamic embed” within a blog post template collection.

Screenshot attached to the step I’m stuck on. The docs were not clear on what was going on here or the steps to take get the dynamic link.

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

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Hi @steve_r!

Maybe you are doing right, it depends of the content of your “canonical” cms field.

If you have like “” in your cms field, it is right, because it will be like that:

<link rel="canonical" ref=""/>

But sometimes is better to have this configuration working automatically.

So my recommendation is:

  1. Use the same code, but change the end of the url to get the slug from cms.

It will be like this:

Because slug is the final url of your blog content post.

Please tell me if you have any question. Good luck with that.

Eve Kayser

Hey Eve - thank you for the detailed response.

Our blog is setup as

I imagine the setup should be

My question is where do I post this snippet? Should it be only on be in the Custom Code section of my “Blog” page (where the CMS blog collection lives)

I don’t seem to have the purple + Add field option to make it dynamic

Any help is appreciated!



Hi @steve_r!

You must use this canonical url on your cms page (the purple ones).

Please, send me the share link of your project, then I can help you better.

Eve Kayser

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Hey @evekayser here is the link

Appreciate any help :pray:

Cool! I am sending below exactly what you should do:

Eve Kayser

@evekayser Awesome thanks - I did this step, and believe it worked.

Appreciate your help!


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You are welcome! Please, mark as solved if it helped you :wink:

Eve Kayser

I have added “rel=canonical” on the site categories and want to know if I have done it correctly.
Attached is the steps I have done.

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Hey all, Sorry to drop in here late.

The canonical linking has been a tricky point for me a few times with some SEO scans and the site map.

My current understanding is that the canonical url should correspond to your domain’s root url or the www subdomain depending on which you are directing to by default.

Also, the homepage url is assigned a default trailing / by webflow so the canonical for the homepage should have a trailing slash. But the interior pages should not as those pages are generated with out the trailing /.

Last the link should should be closed…or at least one scan tool indicated not closing was an issue.

I’d be curious if this has been anyone else’s experience? @evekayser

Yes! It is correct :wink:

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Hi @jdesign Sure, if you use SSL certificate, it should be the, because you have to set www as default on hosting settings.

Eve Kayser

Hey @evekayser, thanks for the reply. Guess I wasn’t clear in the question.

For sure, if SSL is used then https needs used.

My question was really about the trailing slash vs non trailing slash canonical, auto generated sitemap and SEO scanning services. Have confirmation on what I was thinking though so all good.