Canonical Tags for Blog

Hi All,

Can anyone with experience in canonical tags shed some light on this scenario as I can’t find an exact example online or the forum:

My blog is setup on the Blog Categories Template CMS page. The full unfiltered blog is Other blog categories sit on etc.

Should the canonical tag be:

<link rel="canonical" href="" />

or should it be:

<link rel="canonical" href="" />




Like this (The slug is webflow build-in field):


Put this code under “category” cms page (Inside <head> tag).


<link rel="canonical" href="{{slug}}" />

General case

In general this is the “structure”:

<link rel="canonical" href="{{base-url}}/{{collection-url}}/{{slug}}" />



** In the future if you change collection-url -and/or- base-url - remember also to change manually the canonical.

Thanks @Siton_Systems, this is what I’ve done. I just wanted confirmation that the canonical tag for the “category” cms page should include the SLUG and not just be a straight URL for the all categories. Appreciate your time!

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