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Canoncial Tag on CMS Pages

I could use some help getting canonicals to work on CMS pages. It has worked properly with no problems on the main pages, just not on the CMS pages.

For example:

  • we have FAQ CMS with each faq/individual wrapped-up onto the main /faq page

  • We want all the individual FAQ CMS pages to point to the main /faq page.

  • Theoretically, we should add the following (with actual url) in the head section of the CMS template, right?

  • If this was working each page would show up as “contains canonical” in Screaming Frog or similar, right?

I’ve also tried adding a url field to the template and linking it:

Neither of these worked and I’m not seeing anything in the forums that addresses this specifically with a solution. Is this a known issue, or am I missing something completely?


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